Session Descriptions  

monday Session 2   |   9:40-10:40am

Portland State University's Financial Wellness Center: A Comprehensive Model | SKYLINE I

Shawna Chambers, Portland State University Amanda Nguyen, Portland State University  

Beginning in 2010 the Student Financial Services at Portland State University began implementing strategic changes to promote financial transparency and education to the students. We will share the small and large projects leading up to the establishment of the Financial Wellness Center with Student Financial Services. Along the way we will touch on how buy-in was created across campus, the outcomes, how the Financial Wellness Center works, the comprehensive training components created for developmental coaching and coaching to completion, key performance indicators, and goals for the coming years.

Just Budget Already! Using Motivational Psychology to Influence Students’ Money Behaviors | SKYLINE II

Emily Schwartz, Money Moments

What do you do when students know HOW to manage their finances, they just…don’t? This interactive session examines the underlying emotions behind students’ money behaviors, and how those emotions in turn affect their motivations, so we can use that information to help shift their actions toward better habits. Using the metaphor of baseball, this session uses motivation theory to show how making a few tweaks in the way we talk about money to students can make a big difference.

Research to Practice: Spring 2018 Student Financial Wellness Survey with Texas A&M University | SKYLINE III

Kasey Klepfer, Trellis Nick Kilmer, Texas A&M University

Trellis’ Student Financial Wellness Survey (SFWS) seeks to document the financial well-being of post-secondary students and provide institutions with a detailed profile of the financial issues their students face, some of which could potentially impact their success in college. In this session, presenters will share findings from the Spring 2018 implementation of the survey at 12 colleges and universities. Nick Kilmer from Texas A&M University, will lead discussion around the implications of the findings for practitioners.

Cut Through the Clutter: Branding Your Program for Student Engagement  | BROADWAY I-II

Ayeesha Green, Austin Community College Linda Eguiluz, Austin Community College

Some of us have been there: flyers and posters overlooked, emails unopened, low workshop attendance. Messaging on college campuses has turned into a Charlie Brown version of adult-speak, “wah wah wah wah… “ This interactive session will give participants the tools Austin Community College’s Student Money Management Office has used to create a brand using a holistic approach to marketing and outreach.

Unlocking the Secrets of an A+ Training Program for Peer Educators | BROADWAY III-IV

Jodi Kaus, Kansas State University

Campus financial education programs often ask “How do you train peer educators?” Come learn training techniques that have seemed like well-kept secrets. Peer-to-peer is the pinnacle of education delivery methods but requires a robust training program to ensure its effectiveness. Come learn training approaches that are efficient to administer, ensure students become successful peer educators and provide students a leg-up in their transition into financial services careers. It’s a WIN WIN WIN!


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