Session Descriptions  

monday Session 3   |   2:15-3:15pm

R.O.I. for M.E. | SKYLINE I

Nick Kilmer, Texas A&M University Jason Vaaler, Texas A&M University  

The Money Education (ME) Center at Texas A&M University was opened to impact the financial literacy and wellness of its 66,000 students. With staff and resources, the ME Center is capable of doing so, but only with a sound, long-term strategy. Its strategic plan, R.O.I. for M.E., is focused on maximizing the Center’s return on investment through initiatives and programs related to Research, One-on-one advising, and Instruction. This presentation will explain this strategy and its benefits.

Exotic Dancing, SnoCones & A Marriage Proposal: Financial Coaching Is Anything But Routine | SKYLINE II

Letecia Gradington, University of Kansas Paul Goebel, University of North Texas

Desmond Tutu once noted, “We inhabit a universe that is characterized by diversity.” These words find no truer meaning then in the topics and issues that can be raised during a financial coaching session. This session is designed as an introduction to learning how to conduct a non-judgmental coaching session. The presenters will walk participants through a mock coaching session from intake to action plan. Be prepared for anything but the routine.

Touchpoints for Financial Wellness: Impacting Students Throughout the Enrollment Lifecycle | SKYLINE III

Nathan Lohr, IUPUI

Before, during, and after their enrollment at our schools, students are faced with decisions that greatly impact their financial health. Join us to learn how Indiana University Online developed a model to provide financial messaging to prospective, applied, admitted, and enrolled students and foster positive financial decision-making. Explore tools and best practices for delivering impactful, just-in-time guidance to students at all points in the enrollment cycle.

College Affordability:  Using Time to Degree as a Springboard to a Comprehensive Support Structure | BROADWAY I-II

Sean Hendricks, Rowan University

In just two years, the Affordability Task Force at Rowan University has implemented several major initiatives designed to support student success. These include an alternative textbook program, food pantry, financial wellness course, affordability resource website, and campus-wide affordability events. The work of the Task Force, which commenced with a “15 to Finish” campus-wide push, has evolved into extensively researching affordability-related issues and collecting data to drive change.

Conducting a Text Messaging Scavenger Hunt to Promote Financial Aid Literacy | BROADWAY III-IV

Karen Serna, Austin Community College Zachary Taylor, University of Texas-Austin

Austin Community College’s Student Money Management Office conducted a scavenger hunt by text message to educate students on financial aid. In this session, we share our experiences navigating this exploratory text messaging scavenger hunt, and provide tips for replication. Bring your phones and stretch your texting fingers, because you’ll be making your way through a text message scavenger hunt!


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