Session Descriptions  

monday Session 4   |   3:45-4:45pm

Utilizing Academic Internships: Making the Case for Non-Finance Majors | SKYLINE I

Andrea Pellegrini, University of Illinois  

Whether intending to be a financial planner, data scientist or marketing manager, internships provide valuable experiential learning opportunities for students across disciplines. Financial wellness programs offer unique contexts for to apply what they're learning outside of the classroom. For credit internships or practicum students from a variety of academic backgrounds can assist with establishing, maintaining, improving and evaluating educational programming initiatives at your institution.

Financial Education & Underrepresented Groups | SKYLINE II

Carissa Uhlman, Inceptia Charah Coleman, California State University, Fresno Nate Peterson, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Underrepresented student groups need a unique approach to financial education that addresses the challenges they face apart from the majority. Come learn how the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and California State University, Fresno have tailored outreach to support students from all walks of life, including foster, LGBTQ, POC, and TRIO students. The session also explores building partnerships with administrative services, building a program from the ground-up, and utilizing peer mentors.

99 Ways to Control Emotional Spending | SKYLINE III

Syble Solomon, Lifewise Strategies

Neurofinance research now proves that emotions significantly influence financial behavior. How can we apply that to help students?  First, be aware of emotional needs that support or sabotage productive financial behaviors. Then have specific strategies to effectively take control of those emotions for the best outcomes.  We’ll explore six common emotional patterns related to money behaviors and discuss practical strategies to address when they are being over or under utilized.

Bringing Financial Education to All Students | BROADWAY I-II

Jennifer Schroeder, Iowa State University | Kelsey Ryder, University of Iowa Colleen Sullivan, University of Northern Iowa

Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, and the University of Northern Iowa were asked to create & implement a financial literacy course without academic credit, or significant funding but required of all new students. We will share how we met the task in unique ways to meet the needs of our students & the parameters of the task. We will share what was learned, student feedback & plans moving forward so you may learn from our experiences to bring financial education to your campus.

Make it Fun and They Will Come: How to Plan a Financial Literacy Event That Students Will Flock To | BROADWAY III-IV

Louise Biron, SUNY Cobleskill Rebecca Burton, SUNY Cobleskill Kevin Sutton, SUNY Oneonta

Are you looking to add some serious wow factor to your next financial literacy event? Then this session is for you! Learn how two State University of New York colleges took financial literacy to the next level with BUDGET CON, a signature annual event that has become one of the best attended student events on campus. We’ll provide you with a complete road map to event success that includes: unique marketing ideas, engaging content, strategies for guaranteeing campus/community support, and more.


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