Session Descriptions  

tuesday Session 2   |   9:40-10:40am

The Price is Right | SKYLINE I

Stephanie Jackomin, East Carolina University Jacob Walker, East Carolina University, Anthony Dominowski, East Carolina University

A fun, interactive way to learn about the cost of living in college. This program was implemented at East Carolina University as a way to engage students and give them the knowledge about what the true cost of living is. Come to this program to learn for yourself or to bring this program to your school.

We Ain’t The Three Tenors, But We’re In Tune When It Comes To Assessment | SKYLINE II

Paul Goebel, University of North Texas Bryan Bulmer, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Erick Jones, University of North Georgia

Assessment has become a vital component of most collegiate financial well-being programs. How can you create an assessment program that evaluates and communicates powerful financial wellness learning outcomes of students? The leaders of three collegiate financial wellness programs will share their assessment program experience from concept to development to reporting. All program models can easily be replicated on any campus.

Getting a Good Financial Start with the US Departments of Education and Labor and the Federal Trade Commission | FORUM

Debra Golding, United States Department of Labor Elizabeth Coogan, United States Department of Education Charles Harwood, Federal Trade Commission

The presentation will demonstrate how a budget can help students get a good financial start and achieve their financial goals through their college lifecycle and as they start their career. Key topics for college students and their budget will be addressed including student loans; debt management in general, including credit scores; and saving, including saving for retirement. We will highlight the agencies’ resources, tools for students, and the power of collaboration. Students will be empowered to act and make financial planning a rewarding habit.

Six Easy Steps: Do Aspiring College Students Understand How to Apply for Financial Support? | BROADWAY III-IV

Zachary Taylor, University of Texas-Austin

Terms such as "financial affidavit," "unsubsidized loan," and "emergency aid grant" may seem confusing to first-generation students and English-language learners. This hands-on session allows financial wellness professionals the opportunity to learn why postsecondary students may struggle with the language of financial aid and wellness and what they can do to ensure clear, equitable communication.


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