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Our goal is to connect those who value the significance in students’ understanding of how to manage their personal finances, and seek to move forward this emerging field.


In 2017, the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit spun off from the National Summit on Collegiate Financial Wellness that was held from 2014 - 2016.  The rebrand and recalibration of the Summit continues to support the original intent, which is to bring together individuals from all areas of campus for a cross campus dialogue around how we can continue to support our help our students navigate the financial complexities related with higher education.
In the short three year span, the Summit grew from a community of 180 attendees from 110 institutions, to 280 from 175 institutions.  The response from those that attended led us to believe more could be done to spread financial wellness through higher education.  While the Summit will always be the centerpiece, we know that those in the community can benefit from more regular programming that keeps the dialogue going throughout the year.  We know that if we truly want to make a difference in the lives of our students, then our community needs to work together as often as possible to spread ideas.

student financial WELLNESS

Financial stress is one of the leading causes for students’ disengagement from campus life. It compromises their ability to focus in the classroom and negatively affects their mental and physical health.  With the increasing costs of college and rise in student debt, it is important for universities to provide financial education to support the holistic wellness of students affected by all forms of stress.  The Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit provides a venue for institutions associated with higher education to learn and share information vital to a successful financial wellness program.


Why lie? We know that the topic of financial wellness isn't exactly the one students would consider to be the sexiest.  What we do know is that creating a great financial wellness program is all about the personality you put behind it.  Fortunately, the Summit is a great place for you to meet the people who have the kind of personality that can make a financial wellness program click for students.  We try to bring this personality to what we do at the Summit as well. From great sessions such as how to use innovation to market your program to our epic PB&J, milk, and animal cracker snack break in 2016, the Summit provides the perfect environment for you to learn how to actually make talking finances interesting.