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The Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit (The Summit), which has grown out of the event formerly named The National Summit on Collegiate Financial Wellness, exists to unite educators with a passion for student financial wellness, regardless of their functional areas of work within higher education. Our goal is to connect those who value the significance in students’ understanding of how to manage their personal finances, and seek to move forward this emerging field.

Our affinity for this topic of understanding personal finance management hinges on its effect on overall student health and wellness. The Summit provides professionals with a venue to learn, promote, and propagate the topic on a professional platform and network with others who believe in the mission of enhancing student financial wellness.

The Summit has seen a significant rise in the number and the diversity among attendees.  In 2014, we had 160 attendees from 33 states and 110 institutions.  In 2015, the numbers rose to 210 attendees from 39 states and 130 institutions and in 2016 we saw over 280 attendees from over 175 institutions. All attendees come to the Summit interested in developing and/or enhancing financial wellness programming at their institutions, and many turn to our sponsors for guidance.  We are looking forward to continued growth and momentum this year, which will drive the attendance numbers even higher.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to be a key partner for the 2017 Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit, to be held at University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN from July 30th - August 1st ( Please take a look at the sponsorship information by clicking the button below and if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have any questions please contact us at or 812.855.9111.  We look forward to seeing you next summer!

Bryan Ashton               Phil Schuman
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