Meet A(nother) Platinum Sponsor: Inceptia

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Our sponsors make the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit possible. We’d like to help you get to know our sponsors and have asked each sponsor a series of questions to help you get to know them and the people who will be representing them at the Summit. In this post we talk with Carissa Uhlman,  Vice President of Student Success at Inceptia, who will be at July’s Summit.  Also attending the Summit will be Pat Robles-Friebert, Strategic Business Director for Inceptia.


Q: What’s your best elevator speech?

Inceptia, a division of National Student Loan Program (NSLP), is a nonprofit organization committed to offering effective and uncomplicated solutions in financial aid management, default prevention, and financial education. Inceptia has helped over two million students learn how to pay for college, borrow wisely, resolve their delinquency issues, and repay their student loan obligations.

Q: Why is Inceptia sponsoring the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit?

We have supported the Summit since it was the National Summit on Financial Wellness back in the day at the Ohio State University (see Phil’s recent post “A Lesson in Summit History”). Since the first gathering, we were and continue to be blown away by the sense of community among event attendees. Everyone is willing to share ideas and support one another in the interest of empowering students – we are happy to play a part in helping to support that learning and camaraderie.

Q: If you could describe Inceptia as a TV show, which show would it be and why?

The Office (minus Michael Scott…and general shenanigans). We’re a small but committed team that works hard to provide the best support to schools and students. And we use paper.


Now we get personal!


Q: What is a money management lesson that has stuck with you?

Buying sale items with a rebate is only a good idea if you remember to submit the rebate (also known as the “I missed out on $700 in rebates” debacle of 2005). Now, filling out the rebate is the first thing I do when I get home from the store.

Q: What blog you check regularly for money management tips and ideas?

The Money Knowl blog . And yes, I am totally biased.

Q: Which donut will you try at Voodoo Doughnut?

If I’m lucky enough to get in the door at Voodoo Doughnut, the correct answer is that there is no correct answer. I would be happy to give any of those doughnuts a good home.  


Thank you, Inceptia for being a Platinum Sponsor for the 2018 Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit.  Follow Inceptia on Twitter.  Contact Carissa at