Meet a Platinum Sponsor

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Our sponsors make the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit possible. This blog series gives you an opportunity to learn more about each one.  We asked each sponsor questions to help us get to know their organization and the people who will be representing them at the Summit.

In this post, we talk with Nolan Mikowski, Steve Quiesser, and Sara Wilson from Student Connections.

Q: What’s your best elevator speech?    

Recognizing that students follow a variety of paths and encounter different obstacles in their quest for a higher education, Student Connections offers innovative solutions, developed in collaboration with higher education institutions and students, to provide relevant and engaging resources throughout the student life cycle. Student Connections partners with postsecondary institutions to support the success of more than 2.7 million current and former students across more than 700 campuses nationwide.

Q: Why is Student Connections sponsoring the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit?  

Effective financial education overcomes non-academic barriers which prevent students from reaching graduation. Financial education also reduces delinquency.  We’re looking forward to sharing a space with people who are delivering financial wellness programs, and those who are just launching. We’re looking forward to adding new relationships with schools and making more friends in the process.

Q: If you could describe Student Connections as a TV show, which show would it be and why?  

Dr. Phil! The general public doesn’t understand what we are even talking about let alone understand the solutions. Dr. Phil makes the complicated easy for the regular person to understand.  That’s what we do.

Q: What is a money management lesson or mistake that has stuck with you?

Nolan: Money management begins with organization. You can’t just “save money.” It is vital to set a plan and then adhere to it.

Steve: Mistake – making minimum payments on credit cards.  

Q: What is your favorite money management book?

Steve: “The Total Money Makeover”  by Dave Ramsey

Nolan: “Broke Millennial” by Erin Lowry

Q: Which donut will you try at Voodoo Doughnut?   

Nolan: When I was there in November I got the Voodoo Doll. Next time I need to try the Oh Captain, My Captain.

Thank you, Student Connections for being a Platinum Sponsor for the 2018 Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit!  Follow Student Connections on Twitter.