Session Descriptions  

monday Session 2   |   10:30-11:30am


Indiana University's Peer Program: An Inside Look - Think 4
Amy Nihart, Indiana University

Carrie Miller, Indiana University

Have you ever wondered what peer programs look like from the student perspective? Two members of Indiana University’s MoneySmarts Team will share their experiences as Peer Financial Educators. Topics will include their duties, training and supervision, client applications, suggestions, and the program’s impact on their lives. This session will give you an opportunity to understand the peer perspective and ask questions about the peer experience from all angles. 


Towards a Mindful and Culturally Competent Approach to Financial Wellness Educations and Training - Pathways
Oana Zayic, Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Erica J. LaMarche, University of Louisville

Anna Mazig, Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Renee Nilsen, University of North Dakota School of Law

Michelle Onaka, Oregon State University  

Race, culture, identity, life experiences and our place in society (i.e. oppressor vs. oppressed) inform both our relationship with money and how we view our students’ relationships with it. Even with the best of intentions, we micro-aggress, apply stereotypes, exhibit paternalistic attitudes, and assume things about the students we talk to daily. Participants will go through case studies to identify non-inclusive attitudes and find ways to change them.


Collaborating with Extension to Develop Financial Literacy Programs - Think 1
Jesse Ketterman, University of Maryland Extension

This session provides an overview of financial literacy programs developed for a 4-Year institution and community college. The educator, with a background in student affairs, partnered to develop a program for freshmen students and collaborated with the Student Support Services at a community college to develop a series on college finances, personal finances, and credit. The session will provide an overview of the programs developed and discuss opportunities to partner with Extension. 


From Insights to In-Person: How Outcomes Can Impact Financial Education Program Design - Think 3
Jodi Kaus, Kansas State University

Emily Koochel, Kansas State University

Jonathan Sparling, American Student Assistance                               

Join Jodi, Emily and Jonathan as they provide a brief overview of the ‘current state’ of financial education, utilizing various industry outcomes.  From there, learn about program design insights based on current practices through KSUs Powercat Financial, including peer-to-peer counseling, standard financial planning and a brief look into solution focused approaches. Before leaving, be put “in the shoes” of students, as presenters showcase a financial literacy session from start to finish.  


See it in action: UMNTC Live Like a Student - Think 5
Betsy Everts, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Nate Peterson, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Join us for a walking tour of One Stop Student Services, the home of financial wellness at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Come engage in a conversation of how an integrated student services office developed and implemented a financial wellness program into the work already being done. While at the facility, you will see our Counselors in action and be able to ask them questions about their experiences.


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