Session Descriptions  

monday Session 4   |   4:30-5:30pm


Financial Apps for Student Success - Think 3
Jennifer Wilson, Texas Tech University

Chris Moreno, Catalyst Miami  

In this session, learn about financial apps that are being used to help students to achieve their financial goals and how you can integrate them into your financial education and financial counseling/coaching programs. Attendees will leave with a financial apps worksheet and learn best practices. 


Signature Events: From Fizzle to Fabulous - Think 4
Patsy Collins, Sam Houston State University

Paul Goebel, University of North Texas

You know it almost as soon as you arrive: whether a special event is going to be fantastic or an all-out washout. We have all certainly experienced firsthand events that have either sizzled or fizzled. Making your next event shine is literally one workshop away. This workshop offers an insider’s look into the planning of successful signature events that have come to define the reputations of two collegiate financial wellness programs: SHSU’s Money Week and UNT’s Money Month.


Improving the User Experience in Your Financial Wellness Programming - Pathways
Kate Wehner, Indiana University

Phil Schuman, Indiana University

With the complexity of the cost of college, determining how much a student will have to pay for a college education can be incredibly frustrating.  A collaboration through multiple offices at Indiana University has led to a student cost calculator that both helps families estimate the total cost of college and encourages behavior changes to lessen the cost. Come learn the features of the calculator, how it maximizes user experience and how your institution can implement a similar initiative.


Financial Wellness & International Students: Lessons From the Field for Higher Ed Professionals - Think 1
Renee Nilsen, University of North Dakota School of Law

David Nugyen, University of North Dakota

International students face unique financial challenges in supporting their education. Financial wellness programs aimed at  topics, such as basic money management, paying for college, credit, and the financial experience post-graduation, need to consider international students’ circumstances including their immigration status. This program examines international student financial challenges and lessons learned from providing financial wellness education for international students.  


Politics: How Institutions Can Adapt To Political Challenges That Affect Students - Think 5
Ja'Net Adams, Debt Sucks University

More and more colleges are getting caught in the political crosshairs. Those crosshairs are causing institutions budget problems and those budget problems are leading to program and job cuts.  The Illinois budget crisis this past academic year almost caused Chicago State University to close. They will learn effective ways to help their students financially navigate the negative effects that come from governmental policies. 


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