Pre-Conference Call for Proposals

The Programming Committee for the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit is now welcoming pre-conference proposal submissions for the first annual Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit, to be held at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, July 30 - August 1, 2017. Pre-conferences will take place in the morning and afternoon of July 30, 2017.

When submitting a proposal, please consider the following:

  • Sessions will need to fill a 3-hour time block
  • Ideas presented should be innovative and relevant to the progression of the financial wellness conversation
  • Creating an active and engaging environment for participants
  • The demographics of your audience (various institution types, levels of experience/exposure to financial wellness)
  • Formatting the presentation for different types of learners (audio, visual, hands on, etc.)
  • Delivering best practices using approaches for different student populations
  • Providing established or emerging research in the field
  • Collaborating with other institutions/organizations to provide various perspectives and practices 

The Programming Committee has decided upon three predetermined sessions, slated to be offered with accepted proposals. We invite pre-conference proposals that present unique topics to those already determined and that will supplement the existing pre-conference content.

The pre-conference call for proposals will close 11:59pm local time, Tuesday, January 24, 2017.

Contact us at for any questions.