Pre-Note Breakout Descriptions

Food and Housing Insecurity

session facilitators: Jasmine Hudson & Claudia Villicaña

The challenges that our students who are food and housing insecure face are at their highest. With an increase in the cost of on and off-campus housing, meal plans, and the cost of living, this session will focus on ways to address food and housing insecurity on your campus. Come prepared to share your personal experiences and brainstorm ways to address these pressing issues. 

International Students and DACA

session facilitators: Paola Mora & Katie Schuman

Due to recent changes in legislation, our international and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) students are facing new and more challenging barriers to obtaining a higher education in the United States. This session will discuss ways to better support these populations and will address keeping up with policy changes and how they affect our students. You can look forward to sharing experiences and ideas from your institution and participating in a valuable discussion with colleagues on these pertinent issues. 

Unforeseen and Natural Disasters

session facilitator: Samuel Santos

Many of our campuses have seen the devastation of various occurrences and have been faced with their effects on university communities. After a traumatic event, we look to find ways to provide resources and outlets for our students during these challenging and unexpected times. While addressing financial wellness may only be a part of the conversation related to student support, this discussion breakout will hone in on helping students re-integrate into campus life and succeed after the effects of devastation around natural disasters and unforeseen events. Come ready to learn and discuss ways in which we and our colleagues have and can support our students and campus communities. 

Based on the work that our pre-note speaker Monica Pohlmann at Reos Partners conducts on campuses across the country (, this EAL session will serve as a follow-up to her keynote discussion and an interactive mini-workshop with your students in mind. As a result of this session, you will have an opportunity to work on developing a toolkit for your campus. 


Emergency Aid Lab (EAL) Toolkit Workshop

session facilitators: keynote speaker Monica Pohlmann & Karen Serna

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