Higher Education Financial Wellness Webinar Series

The HEFW Webinar Series is a great way to learn about the latest in financial wellness across higher education.  During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field regarding best practices, research, and policies that are helping move the field forward.  Please click on one of the links below to register for the webinar.  More webinars will be added soon!


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The topic of student finances is not a static one. The world of money and students financial challenges are both continually evolving. As does the Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit. With the recent rebranding and recalibration, HEFWA brings together individuals from all areas of campus for a cross-campus dialogue, while still allowing us to move into new arenas related to financial wellness. Join this webinar to learn more about what’s happening in the higher education financial wellness community, hear about the upcoming Summit, and have the opportunity to hear from a panel of industry leaders. Our industry panel will share with you their experiences, as well as answer questions from the attendees.

thursday, april 20, 3-4 est

This program is designed to provide a new perspective on financial education, presenting it as an aspect of identity. Instead of viewing financial education as black and white, we look at the interconnectedness and how it ties to identity, wellness, mental health and personal development for students. During this webinar, you will receive recommendations to increase awareness of a topic and bridge identity, mental health, and financial education. You also will learn about theoretical models, student development theory, and practical applications of these concepts through the Indiana University MoneySmarts peer financial education program and discuss ways to incorporate a holistic view of financial wellness into programming. This webinar is a great introduction to the Defining Financial Wellness Pre-Conference that will be offered at the 2017 HEFWA Summit.


wednesday, may 24, 3-4 est

With millions of debt-burdened college graduates, many students and their families are wondering what higher education is doing proactively to help prepare students for the financial realities they will be facing during and after college. This webinar will describe how two universities turned to best practices, academic research, and assessment findings to guide them in designing and continue to improve successful financial literacy/wellness programs for their diverse student bodies.